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Professional Plumbing Services We Offer In Islington

For businesses and households in Islington, smooth and efficient plumbing is essential for daily life, whether that means being able to bring your staff into the office or simply having a shower. There is plenty that can go wrong with your plumbing, which is why we offer an extensive list of reliable plumbing services throughout both London and Islington:

Tap Replacements

Taps are an essential finishing touch to every bathroom and kitchen but can prove fiddly and frustrating once they fall into disrepair. In fact, a leaking or dripping tap can not only become annoying, but it can also lead to waste and increase your water bills as a result.

For a lasting and professional tap fix or replacement, call our professional team of plumbers who can get the job done quickly and remove the hassle of attempting the job yourself and potentially causing even greater damage.

Boiler Repair & Installation

Boilers are a core part of every home, providing hot water required to shower in, heat the property, wash up the dishes and maintain hygiene around the house. Therefore, when a boiler breaks down it can be catastrophic, and even dangerous at times.

That’s why when your boiler runs into a spot of bother, you need a licensed, trained and accredited engineer to assess and fix it fast. At UKOOA we have a highly experienced and qualified team of heating engineers who have repaired and replaced boilers around Islington for years, so you can rely on them to get the job done properly.

Leak Detection & Prevention

Leaks are viewed as little more than an inconvenience by many property owners, when in reality a leak can cause lasting structural and costly damage to your home or business space if left unaddressed. That’s why it is crucial to call in a professional plumber before your leak worsens.

Our specialist plumbers are the best in the area at detecting, preventing and fixing leaks and they use the leading and most innovative technology to do so. If you need a leak fixed quickly and affordably, get in touch with us today.

Toilet Installation & Repair

A toilet is a crucial feature of any home and business. In fact, commercial spaces are legally obliged to provide access to a working toilet for their employees, as well as certain other welfare facilities. Therefore, a broken toilet can prove very disruptive to your daily routine and can also cause major hygiene concerns.

Whether it is an urgent repair or a new installation you need, our team of trusted plumbers are on hand to help.

Drain Unblocking

Blocked drains can quickly become a nuisance, causing your facilities to run less efficiently, create awful odours and even result in flooding. Our non-invasive techniques and technology mean that we can reach a blockage in no time at all and without causing any further damage, which is a risk you run when you take on the task yourself.

We have excellent flushing tools and can restore order to your property without causing mess or getting in the way.

Maintenance Plumbing

Maintenance plumbing is essential to identifying a potential plumbing problem before it becomes a more serious one. Our routine check up appointments will ensure efficient running of pipes, drains, boilers and all other aspects of the plumbing system, saving you time, stress and money in the long-run.

What’s more, we also offer a wide range of Emergency Plumbing services which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing us to fix the most urgent of plumbing situations and ensure the safety of both yourself and your property.

Why Make UKOOA Your First Choice Plumbers In Islington

Our specialist plumbing team have been delivering their services throughout Islington since our business began and have received masses of praise, kind words and thanks from the people of Islington ever since. They are dedicated to providing exceptional services, leveraging their expertise, training and experience to ensure each and every plumbing service we deliver meets our incredibly high standards.

Our plumbing services are also affordable and accessible to everyone in the local area, which is why we are proud to offer fixed, free and no-obligation quotes for each and every one of our services. We pride ourselves on transparency and our efficient business model enables us to offer fantastic plumbing solutions at a fraction of the price offered by competitors.

We also understand that plumbing mishaps don’t just happen during office hours. We offer flexible booking and appointments 24/7, and holidays and weekends are no exception. We are on hand to tackle any plumbing emergency at any time, enabling you to carry on with your day.

To top it all off, we only use the best quality parts and products in our services. Our parts are WRAS approved, which means they meet the strict and stringent standards of the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme. When you book with us, you have peace of mind that our parts, people and practices are simply the best.

Some of Our Certifications and Accreditations

UKOOA Gas Safe Registered
UKOOA ISO 9001:2015 Registered Company
UKOOA ISO 45001:2018 Registered Company

Plumbing Solutions For Commercial Properties In Islington

We also partner with and deliver our plumbing services to businesses throughout Islington, since we have specific tools, accreditations and teams who specialise in commercial plumbing solutions.

Whether it is a leak, a dodgy boiler or a broken toilet, poor plumbing can set your business behind, no matter what field you work in. Our commercial plumbing services are fast, efficient and stress-free – all of which many businesses in Islington can already attest to.

To see how we can help your business today, get in touch.

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