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Why You Should Choose UKOOA for Commercial Plumbing

There are a number of reasons why you should choose UKOOA to carry out your commercial plumbing in London, but here are just a few of them:

1. No-Obligation Quotes

Get in touch with us now and a friendly member of the team will be able to give you a no-strings-attached quotation. You don’t necessarily have to book with us after getting this quote, but we’re sure you’ll want to once you see how competitive our prices are.

2. No Hidden Costs

When you get your bill, you’ll see there are no costs we’ve tried to hide from you. We pride ourselves on our transparency and will be able to give you a full breakdown of each charge you’ll be receiving.

3. 24/7 Support

We know that plumbing disasters happen when you least expect them and don’t conform to office hours. We’ll be around whenever you need us and offer plumbing help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Fantastic Customer Service

UKOOA places special importance on delivering great customer service, so all members of our team are trained to deliver the best service possible.

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What is Commercial Plumbing?

As you may have guessed, commercial plumbing is plumbing that is done for businesses, mainly focussing on installing and maintaining large systems that are able to cope with numerous people using them. When compared to residential plumbers, those who deal predominantly with companies are experienced in much more sizable structures and developments.

Commercial plumbing is often very complex and requires the plumber to have an in-depth knowledge of the systems they are working with.

The Job Role of a Commercial Plumber

The job role of a commercial plumber is to make sure all of the water systems in a corporate building are running as they should with the correct water pressure, temperature and drainage. They will be the person on-call if any problems arise and should be able to fix all issues to ensure the business is able to run as smoothly as possible.

Customer service is still a major part of this role. They need to be able to satisfy the requests of their customers, answer any questions they have and deal with any complaints.

To break it down, the responsibilities of a commercial plumber are:

  • Designing intricate infrastructures that fit a business’ needs, this includes toilet systems, sprinklers, pipework and fire suppressants
  • Doing first-time installations of water systems (sewage lines and drinking lines)
  • Maintaining these systems and conducting regular checks
  • Fixing any problems that occur in terms of plumbing in a quick and efficient manner
  • Clearing any blockages in the system

To be a successful commercial plumber, they need to be able to follow blueprints exactly, work with a variety of tools and be able to choose the correct materials in order to carry out the job. If they are the ones designing the water systems, they will also need to have a working knowledge of sizes, how to make the most out of an area, and manage many aspects of a large-scale construction project.

A lot of commercial plumbers will work outside of normal office hours so they are available to fix any problems at the times that will cause as little disruption as possible. Some will even be available 24/7, seven days a week to ensure they are there if any issue happens.

Friendly and professional London plumbers.

When to Call a Commercial Plumber

If you’re in charge of a business, or are the one appointed to deal with the property, then it’s helpful to know when to call a commercial plumber. Doing so may save the company a lot of money and will keep those who work within the building safe.

1. Issues With Existing System

Some things to look out for is any change in water pressure or appearance, as this could indicate a blockage or a full burst pipe – both of which can be very detrimental to the running of a business.

If you have a drinking water system in place, then you need to be especially careful when recognising issues. You need to notice differences in temperature and taste, notifying a commercial plumber as soon as you spot anything out of the ordinary.

2. Installing a New System

If you’re looking to install a big water system, then you should always call a commercial plumber rather than a more generalised one. This is because they will have the necessary skills and knowledge to make the project a success and will have the connections to source the materials and tools needed.

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Commercial Plumbing FAQ

Why should I choose a commercial plumber?

You should go for a specialised commercial plumber as they would have undergone the necessary training and gained experience in working with large water systems. If you choose to go with an individual who isn’t specialised in this area then you run the risk of receiving sub-par results. Plumbing without the necessary knowledge will end up costing the company more as they will inevitably have to replace the entire system.

How do I find the best commercial plumber?

Price, previous work and experience are all essential areas to explore when finding the best commercial plumber. You can do this by shopping around, getting in touch with different companies and reading more about their values. Searching through the reviews of their previous customers will also be enlightening as they will show whether they were happy with the service and if any problems occurred.

What’s the difference between residential and commercial plumbing?

The main difference between residential and commercial plumbing is the location they work. Those who specialise in residential plumbing mainly work within houses and deal with smaller water systems whereas commercial plumbers operate in large business buildings and operate massive systems.

How much does commercial plumbing cost?

The price of commercial plumbing, especially in London, all depends on the extent of the project. For example, a simple repair job will come with a much lower price than a full water system installation. If you’re interested in a particular service, then contact us and we’d be happy to give you a full rundown of costs.