UKOOA Pricing

Standard Plumber Hourly Rate in London

The average plumber cost per hour in London can fluctuate depending on the company you go to. Some try to get away with charging as much as possible for substandard work, but not UKOOA. Our team is filled with licensed experts who have been able to gain a lot of experience within the plumbing industry.

A lot of things in London come with a hefty price tag, but that doesn’t mean plumbing does too.

Our Rates: A minimum of one hour is charged per visit – any extra time is charged in 15 minute increments. This is different from a lot of other plumbing companies who usually charge by hour, meaning you often pay for more labour than you get.

Estimates: We are able to provide you with a no-obligation quote before any work starts to ensure you are happy with all elements. This can be either verbally or we can even put it in writing for you.

The Invoice: Your final bill will be clearly broken down into components such as labour, materials and the exact work that was carried out. This way, you’ll know exactly where your money is going.

Materials: The hourly cost rate does not include the cost of materials, although we will always let you know the exact price of all parts. Our prices are subject to VAT.

Payment: When you receive your final invoice, you can make a payment by cash or credit card to your engineer.

Transparent Pricing

We are fully transparent with all plumbing charges, regardless of the service. By receiving a no-strings-attached quote prior to the work and an itemised bill at the completion, every aspect of our charges will be clear.

If you find something on your bill that you don’t quite understand, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team who will be able to explain all elements.

No Hidden Fees or Sneaky Charges

Our hourly prices are set and cover different days and times. When we offer you the initial no-obligation quote, you can be certain that we’ll stick to it. The only time it will ever change is if the job becomes larger and therefore takes longer to complete, or if work is needed during unsociable hours.

Unlike a lot of other plumbing companies, we will never charge you for parking, travelling, congestion fees or cost of fuel.

When it comes to sourcing and purchasing parts or materials, we will run it by you first to make sure you’re happy with the price.

Book a Visit Today

With our competitive prices and experienced plumbers, we don’t blame you for wanting to book a visit. Luckily, the process is simple and can be condensed into four steps:

1. Call a Member of Our Friendly Team

The first step to booking a visit is getting in touch with us. You can do this by calling 0203 519 6605 where a friendly member of the team will be there to assist – this can be through answering any questions you have, giving you a quote or booking an appointment with one of our plumbers.

If you have any worries or queries then we will always do our best to reassure you. Every member of our team has been trained to provide outstanding customer service so you’ll know you’re in the best hands.

2. Choose a Time and Date

We have made our services as flexible as possible to make sure we are always available when you need us. Whether a plumber emergency happens during the night or you have an unusual work schedule, we will have a spot to suit you.

You can simply tell us the time and dates you’re free and we will be able to fit around them.

3. Sit Back and Wait For Our Team

That’s your work sorted, now all you have to do is sit back and wait for a plumber to arrive. The team is punctual and will come on time with all of the necessary tools in order to complete the job to a high standard.

They are also efficient, finishing all work in a reasonable amount of time whilst still not rushing and making sure you are happy with the result. Don’t worry, we won’t ever expect you to lift a find or do any of the hard work yourself.

4. Enjoy the Result

Our plumbers will leave your property clean and tidy. Whilst some plumbing jobs do involve a certain amount of mess (looking at you, clogged pipes), we will make sure this is cleared away before we leave.

The last step is for you to enjoy the result, even if it’s only a small change.

Plumbing Costs FAQ

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes! We accept a number of different payment methods, including credit or debit cards and cash. If you’re unsure whether we will be able to accept your preferred method of payment, just give us a call and a member of the time will be able to give you an answer.

Are all of your plumbers licensed?

Again, yes! We have all the necessary licenses and certifications needed to carry out all areas of plumbing. If you want to see evidence of these, we will be able to show proof prior to your appointment.

What if something goes wrong?

Our plumbers are all trained and experienced so the chances of something going wrong are minimal. However, we will always be available to carry out any follow-up work or extra repairs if necessary.

Where are you based?

We have teams based all over the capital, so we always will be local to you. If you want more information on our services of plumbing costs per hour in London, call us now on 0203 519 6605.