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What is UKOOA?

The UK Offshore Operators Association is the representative organisation for the British Offshore oil and gas industry. Its members are the companies licensed by HM Government to explore for and produce oil and gas in UK waters.

Reputation and Communication

The UK's offshore oil and gas industry is keen to address the issues surrounding its relationship with the rest of society. That relationship is based on reputation. Reputation itself is a function of behaviour and communication.

Working with Education

Making the oil and gas industry more open, accessible and accountable is the major thrust of UKOOA’s reputation strategy.
Trainees Providing information and communicating the behaviour of the  industry so that more people are better informed about:

  • what the oil and gas industry does
  • how it does it, and, most importantly
  • why it behaves in certain ways
 ...is central to this.


Those who are part of the education system are major stakeholders in the oil and gas industry. In particular, young people need access to accurate and current information if they are to make balanced and informed decisions about the society they wish to live in. Teachers need source material and information to support their delivery of the curriculum throughout the whole of the UK. Parents, school governors and others involved with education need general information.

Thus, UKOOA is seeking to engage with young people and those  who influence them. In this way UKOOA will contribute to a more accurate understanding of the industry. We  hope the information provided will be useful to students, teachers and parents. If there are particular things  that we have not included that you feel would be helpful please let us know.

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