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Standard Agreements


One aim of the OGITF Regulations and Licensing Workgroup has been the improvement of the working relationships between licensees. With this in mind, the Streamlined Commercial Agreements sub-group has developed a number of agreements for use throughout the industry.

Streamline Commercial Agreements

These documents have been subject to detailed review by a broad cross section of the industry, and are fit for purpose, representing as they do, best current practice*.

It is hoped that regular use of the Confidentiality Agreement and the Transaction Agreements, will greatly facilitate the licence trading process for all parties concerned, and therefore be of real benefit to the industry as a whole.

These documents will remain on the UKOOA website and although they will be "owned" by UKOOA, there will be a link with the "LIFT" website. The UKOOA legal committee will make periodic reviews of these documents, and will ensure that they are updated as necessary. If you have any comments that you would like to make on these documents, then please use the feedback form so that all comments can be consistently collated and reviewed by the UKOOA committee.

*NB: The Pipeline Crossing Agreement has had a more restricted review in that only a limited number of companies (albeit ones with a great amount of experience in this area) expressed an interest in commenting on this document.

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Streamline Commercial Agreements

Please click on the document links below to view the full agreement:

Confidentiality Agreement v1
(Word Doc 40K)

Seismic Agreements

Standard Seismic Release Agreement
(Word Doc 115K)

Transaction Agreements

Novation and Amendmeet ofJOA v1
(Word Doc 48K)

Stamp Duty Agreement v1
(Word Doc 40K)

Assignment of Interest v1
(Word Doc 37K)

Deed of Novation of Trust Deed v1  (Word Doc 42K)

Post Workshop Pipleine Crossing Agreement v1
(File Size 161K)

Operating Agreements

Joint Operating Agreement
(PDF Doc 756K)

Joint Operating Agreement
(Word Doc 534K)

Sales & Purchasing Agreement
(PDF Doc 756K)

Sales & Purchasing Agreement
(Word Doc 104K)


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Visit the LIFT web site for further information - http://www.uklift.co.uk/

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