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In June 1998 the UK Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA), supported by E & P Forum (now OGP) and in co-operation with the Norwegian oil association OLF, launched an initiative to tackle the historical legacy of accumulated drill cuttings beneath offshore installations in the North Sea.

The initiative combines research and development with extensive public consultation and co-operation between industry organisations. The combined efforts between OLF and UKOOA allow separate studies to take place without duplication, and includes an information "swap" in the interest of achieving a common goal. The ultimate goal is to identify the best available techniques and best environmental practice (BAT and BEP) for dealing with these accumulations, in accordance with the principles set out by the OSPAR Convention.

A full time project manager, Det Norske Veritas, was appointed at the beginning of May 1999 and initial industry funding secured to embark on the research and development programme. Consultation has taken place with key stakeholders, workshops have been held for contractors and research institutions and an independent scientific review group established to review progress on a regular basis.

Dealing with these cuttings accumulations is a complex issue. It is too early to determine what the best solutions might be. Further research is essential. Moreover, to date there are no proven remediation techniques. The UKOOA Drill Cuttings Initiative aims to fill these gaps in knowledge and establish solutions that are practicable and acceptable to all stakeholders. The following pages will provide information on the initiative's progress as it works through to its conclusion.


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