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The reviews were produced in the following way:

  • 70 teaching and learning resources about oil and gas were received from oil and gas companies, environmental groups and educational organisations for evaluation. Each of these had to meet criteria imposed by UKOOA.

  • from previous experience of evaluating teaching and learning resources in two Good Resource Guides, the team at the Chemical Industry Education Centre compiled a list of criteria against which to judge the received resources. Look in the catalogue section at the CIEC web site.

  • the resources were divided into three groups; those that could be recommended to teachers, those that could not and those which may have some educational value but did not entirely meet the criteria.

  • reviews for resources coming into the first and last groups were drafted and then the resource and review were sent to a volunteer teacher from the appropriate subject area and teaching the relevant age group.

  • the teachers, and sometimes the students, revised the review in the light of their experience of using it.

  • the revised reviews are published on this site.

  • advice has been sent to providers of resources which were either rejected by the CIEC team or by the review teachers, giving suggestions for how the resource can be improved to meet curriculum and educational needs.
the content had to include information about the oil and gas industry, for example, exploration, production, transportation, refining, distribution and marketing, petrol and/or fuel oil

The curriculum coverage must be explicit and support science technology, geography, business studies and environmental
  • studies

    The age group could be any from 5 - 18.
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