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UKOOA and Control Technology

Micro Controllers in Education and Industry

UKOOA is focused on supporting the technological studies that are the basis for engineering specialisms. This focus reflects the core competencies of exploration and production of oil and gas operating companies. A better understanding of the subjects that support these activities, will allow us to explain what we do and why we do it, at the same time developing a “feedstock” of future employees.

A new micro controller system has been developed with funding from UKOOA, which exploits the unique characteristics of PIC Micro Controllers to enable students to develop microcontroller based projects. This low cost PICAXE system is ideal for students' GCSE or 'A' Level project work, and provides a complete school system that students can use at home or at school.

The kit, sponsored by UKOOA, provides teachers with a sample of the three PICAXE - 08 projects designed for KS3 use. The kit includes pcbs, components, software, download cable and complete student notes.

Website Links

Revolution Education Limited: www.rev-ed.co.uk
PICAXE Micro Controllers: www.picaxe.co.uk

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